4 ways to kill bed bugs

The only way to get rid of bed bugs is by killing them. It is advisable to use multiple approaches in killing them, as one method cannot guarantee 100% success rate. Here are the options to kill bed bugs.

Bed bug sprays


Bed bug sprays contain the same products that are used by the professional exterminators. You should follow the instructions properly before using the sprays. If you don’t spray in the proper manner, it may result in spreading the bed bug further into your home as they will run away from the chemicals. You should keep children and pets away from these sprays.

Heat treatment


Bed bugs don’t live in more than 120 degrees of temperature. So, heat treatment is a very effective treatment for killing bed bugs. You will find various heating units in hardware stores. The heat treatment will not only kill the existing bed bugs, but will also minimize the bed bug introduction in your home. if you need a Bed Bug Exterminator in Toronto, <== Click here!

Bed bug vacuums


Bed bug vacuums alone cannot completely treat your bed bug problems. They must be used with other methods. Bed bug vacuums are very effective at removing beg bugs that you can see.

Bed Bug Steamers


Pest control professionals often use a combination of heat, steam and pesticide when treating bed bugs. Steam is a very effective method of getting rid of bed bugs. Steamers work by killing bed bugs and their eggs by applying excessive heat. Steamers can be used for cloth surfaces, furniture and mattresses.

There is no best solution for treating bed bugs. You should use a combination of these treatments to get the best results for your bed bug problems.