What should you do in case of a pest infestation?

Any property can be infested by pests no matter how well you maintain it. If your property is infested by pet then you should take the following measures.

Dealing with rats

You need to control the infestation of rats as they can transmit disease to humans like Salmonella poisoning or Well’s disease. They will appear under floorboards, in wall cavities and in cellars. The best way to control rat infestation is by good housekeeping and cleanliness. You must make sure that your garden or backyard is well maintained. You should make sure that your household garbage is disposed of properly. If the infestation gets out of control, then you should call a pest control expert.

Dealing with mice

Mice hide in similar places like rats. Mice can damage cables and insulation. So, if there is mice infestation in your home then you must act immediately. Mouse traps and mouse poison are the best solutions. You can get these in your local hardware store. But if you have young children at home, then it’s better to ask for professional advice.

Dealing with bees and wasps

Many people fear bees and wasps. But bees and wasps play important roles in the ecological balance of gardens. So, if you find a bee nest not too close to your home, then it’s better to leave them alone. If it is close to your home then you should seek professional help.

If you have any kind of pest infestation problem that you cannot handle on your own, you should contact your local environmental health department for advice. You can also go to your nearby garden store or hardware store for advice. If the situation gets out of hand, then you should call a pest control expert like exterminator philadelphia to take care of the problem.