We are a non-profit organization working towards enhancing our understanding on the various species of pests. These studies require skilled professionals and various tools. You can sponsor us and help us continue to carry out the studies we do and help people to take appropriate pest control measures. You can advertise on our quarterly newsletter or sponsor some of our events that take place round the year.

If you are interested, you need to complete the sponsorship form online. Here are some of our sponsoring options.

Seminar sponsor

Here you will get recognition in seminar announcements and podium time at the seminar. You will get an exhibit table at the seminar. This sponsorship costs $250.

Exhibit table

You can have an exhibit table for display at our seminar. You will be introduced at the seminar, but you won’t get any speaking time. The charge of this sponsorship is $200.

Breakfast/Lunch sponsor

You will get an exhibit table at the seminar and recognition from the podium. This type of sponsorship will cost $500.

Hospitality sponsor

You can host or co-host the reception party after the seminar. It is an open cash donation. So, you can donate whatever amount you like.

Banner ad sponsor

We have a limited number of banner ads for the website. These ads are a great way to keep your name and logo in front of the website. The ads will appear on the main page of our website. It will cost $120 a year.

If you want to sponsor us then please write to us and we will give you guidance on how to go about it.